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Fireworks Catalogue

Fireworks were originally developed, according to most scholars, in the second century BC, in ancient China .

2000 years ago the Chinese have made the first fireworks by packing saltpeter, sulfur and charcoal into bamboo tubes. This is the earliest known use of black powder as the mixture has since come to be known, when it, the noise produced so impressed the Chinese that they were convinced fireworks could drive away evil sprits.

Today's most awesome fireworks pack more “ouus” and “ahs” than ever before. The sight of whole batteries of display shells being launches is matched only in the sky by the chest thumping blasts of exploding color. Skilled pyro technicians have brought computers and electronic igniters to their time honored art to create these amazing displays of pyro wizardry.

As one of the 1 st rate professional companies in the manufacturing & exportation of pyrotechnical products, we have built a good reputation for top quality in both of professional & consumer fireworks industry. Our products are well-known and appreciated by enthusiasts over this world.

We are not only able to produce and export fireworks and firecrackers products, but also supply any other pyrotechnics products and service, for example, we also are experts of fireworks display for big scale occasion such as Fourth of July

We cover all parts of fireworks products and firecrackers products:

- Exportation of toy , such as pop pop snappers, party poppers;

- Exportation of Class C products ( consumer use) for New Year's Eve ,Christmas ,Guy Fawkes Night,Dewalee (firecrackers, rockets, aerials, fountains, handheld, spinners, roman candles, novelties, daytime fireworks, sparkler, missiles, sparklers, cones);

- selling Class B products (for licensed professional use) from cake to display shells, artillery shell to floor shell, smokeless (also called stage fireworks, indoor use) to smoke (smoke ball, day item);

-Selling products for festival use, such as music candle, confetti, happy crackers;

-pyrotechnics products for any other country in the world: vuurwerk, feu d'artifice, feuerwerk, fuoco artificiale, feuerwerk, fuegos artificiales, fyrverkeri, fuoco d'artificio, fogos artificiais, ohnostroj, piroteknika, tulevark, ilotulitteita , sziporka'za's, pyrotechnik, kao lele, kembang api, kembang petasan, hanabi, sejerverkas, quetes, sztuczne ognie, vatromet, ognjemet,splqitteee, pirotecnia, feux d'artifice , fuegos artificiales , pirotecnia , pyrotechnie , Pyrotechnik , pirotecnica , .....


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