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China Fireworks Manufactory is the largest fireworks manufacturer in the world , with a history of more than thirty years.The yearly sales amount is up to RMB 300million, and the annual value of foreign trade reaches U.S.Dollars 30million, the tax and profit is RMB 60million.
As one of Chinese fireworks traditional export commodities, firecrackers and fireworks are well-known for ages both inland and abroad. According to the record of "China Industry and Commerce", firecrackers and fireworks originated in Tang Dynasty, flourished in Song Dynasty. Liuyang city, as the cradle of the fireworks, is honored as "Home of Fireworks", with a long fireworks-production history of one thousand years.
Fireworks managed by our corporation, can be divided into two main categories: the large type and toy type, with a large varieties of Rockets, Fountains, Floral Shells, Assorted Fireworks, Hand-held Novelties, Nail and Hanging Wheels, Ground Spinning Wheels, and Jumping Novelties, Parachutes and Display Shells. They are of particular workmanship, attractive in packing, famous with their safe quality. In recent years, in order to meet the demand of the international market, many new items are produced. The export of fireworks and firecrackers is under rapid development, and our products are exported to more than one hundred countries and regions such as USA, Germany, Japan, Holland, UK, France, etc. The corp. is rich in the technology strength, and possesses more than 30 producing factories.
At present time, our corporation is desire to establish the cooperation relationship with the friends from all over the world on the basis of the principle of "best services, sincere cooperation, equality and mutual benefits".
Custmers comes firstly! When you choose to do the business with China fireworks Manufactory ,you will be satisfied with our power and service.


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